Establish cooperation with experts from advanced, precise CNC machining! We are offering support for your company. In the case when you provide metalworking services to clients and when you meet your own needs in this field (e.g. CNC prototyping).
Metal processing companies for their own needs are increasingly beginning to realize that a more affordable, cost-effective option is to outsource work to a professional CNC machining company. In this way, they don’t have to worry about additional costs such as buying and maintaining machines or recruiting and training new employees.
Machining centers, which due to excessive orders or their technological advancement are forced them to refuse orders, can take advantage of  the permanent or ad hoc cooperation with our company.

Trust our specialists and technology

Production is included in our company’s DNA – since 2002, as pioneers on the Polish market, we have implemented CAD / CAM solutions based on the software of world leaders: SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks. Having a highly qualified and experienced team, we decided to follow a natural path of development by engaging in services of precise metal and plastic processing.

Why is it worth to work with us?

We decided to focus on innovation and technological advancement – that’s why the processes in our company are based on the assumptions of Production 4.0. The implemented ERP software from Microsoft helps us manage production at every stage. While the CAD solution SolidWorks and CAMWorks combined with super modern, advanced CNC machining center DMG MORI reputable company operating in 5-axis guarantee the smooth and precise execution of every order which will take up.

Cooperation with us is profitable regardless of whether you are looking for a solid partner who will provide you with a prototype of the part you are designing or need a trusted partner to whom you pass some of the orders. In both cases, you gain additional production capacity and the ability to scale your business without incurring additional costs related to the need for new investments in people, machines and software.

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