• 5D Miling

    Professional CNC machining on 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 axis milling machines – check the details

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    Precision milling services CNC milling

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  • Robotic Stations

    Construction and integration of robotic stations
    Programming of industrial robots

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SOLIDEXPERT CNC machining center

Perfection in the implementation of each order – this is our motto! The services of precision CNC machining and prototyping that we offer guarantee that the details you need will be exactly the same as in the project. Your ideas can be verified on the real model.

A team of SOLIDEXPERT experts will help you at every stage of the order. From project optimization to help in finding the most effective path to the implementation of the order. Thanks to our knowledge not only about CNC, but also about CAM class solutions, programming and implementations, we will become an ideal, trustworthy partner for your company.


Familiarize yourself with our offer of machine cutting, we offer 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 axis milling services. We will take on every challenge!(

CAM Implementations

Do you need support in the field of CAM implementations? In our CNC machining center, highly qualified staff will help you in this regard – check the details.


Over 9500 people have already attended the course in our training centers. As a SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks reseller, we have full certification of their manufacturers in the field of training.

Robotic Stations

We are specialized in the construction of robotic stations for processes related to the removal and finishing of surfaces.

CNC services in SOLIDEXPERT – why us?


Thanks to specialized software and technology, we are not afraid of any orders


The operators and technologists in our company are highly educated specialists with many years of experience


The high-class machine from the renowned DMG Mori company ensures the precision you want


As a SOLIDWORKS reseller, CAMWorks, we use the highest class CAD and CAM software


Sustainable development is one of our values, thanks to, among others HSM technology reduces processing time and energy consumption

Familiarize yourself with the opinions of our customers

(…) Successful implementation of CAMWorks software on one four-axis milling machine, as well as on five-axis machining centers (…) Solutions provided by SOLIDEXPERT are fully used and developed (…)

(…) We also confirm full technical support and substantive knowledge of SOLIDEXPERT employees. We are satisfied with the ongoing service and we recommend it as a trusted business partner. (…)

(…) Technical support and commercial talks are conducted at the highest level. We can definitely recommend SOLIDEXPERT (…)

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