Implementation of CAM class software

Implementation of CAM class software requires specialist knowledge. However, for every innovative and modern CNC machining center it is becoming an extremely important aspect of productivity, profitability and success. Our competence allows us to offer you comprehensive assistance in this process, from the selection of the solution to its implementation in your machine park. As an official, certified reseller of solutions such as SOLIDWORKS CAM / CAMWorks, we have the highest standard of service provision to ensure the correct and maximum use of the equipment on which our clients work.

New possibilities

CAMWorks is advanced and intuitive CAM software that helps increase productivity using best-in-class technology and adaptable automation tools to maximize CNC machining efficiency.

CAMWorks is able to provide optimized technology for multi-axis CNC machines that will increase the efficiency and safety of the machining process. Our team responsible for CAM implementations will prepare dedicated postprocessors for specific machines.

CAMWorks 2019 is the most advanced CAM software available, combining proven production-based CAM technology, automatic function recognition and rule-based and tolerance machining to use MBD and PMI technology to intelligently automate the manufacturing process.


Experience – alongside very high technical competences – is a key issue that enables the full success of the CAM class software implementation process. Our specialists have repeatedly encountered unsuccessful implementations of other companies that needed improvement.

  Our company employs nearly 80 people in 4 branches in Poland, where the vast majority are qualified engineers. The CAM implementation team consists of 8 people – successfully, thanks to a certified partnership with producers of solutions such as CAMWorks or SOLIDWORKS, we have already helped dozens of companies in implementation.

  Trust our knowledge supported by experience. Thanks to dozens of successful projects and implementations (including foreign ones, including the USA) on multi-axis machines of the most reputable manufacturers, we guarantee that our services provide the highest standard of professionalism, knowledge and commitment.


Simulation of the machining process, i.e. one of the basic functions of the CAM class solutions in this CAMWorks program, takes into account the detail, tool and clamping. The simulation can be performed in two modes: in tool mode and in turbo mode. Extremely useful function available in the simulator “collision detection” allows you to eliminate unwanted events, which reduces the risk of damage to the part or the machine itself.

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