Automation of work processes, precision, repeatability, resistance to disruptive working conditions, high performance and the possibility of continuous operation are the basic elements which must be met in a production company in order for it to be competitive and able to develop in a stable way. Industrial robots have been helping to meet these requirements since the middle of the last century, and are currently supporting the implementation of Industry 4.0. The automotive and electronics industries could hardly operate without industrial robots. Robots are more and more boldly entering new industries, replacing humans. It is no longer only handling, welding, cutting, palletising or packaging that are robotised processes. Increasingly, companies are looking for automation and robotisation for milling, grinding, deburring or replacing parts on machining centres.

Implementing with our company a project of introducing robotic workstations, SOLIDEXPERT specialists will help in the digital transformation and the industrial revolution 4.0 of your company. We specialise in building robotic stations for processes related to surface finish and wear treatment. We welcome you to cooperate with us!

Why should you trust us?

SOLIDEXPERT is a company operating in the Polish market since 2002. We are an Authorised Reseller of SOLIDWORKS, CAMWorks and Microsoft solutions in the area of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM and ERP. Our employees are the best engineers with extensive technical knowledge and years of experience. Thanks to cooperating with over 3500 enterprises, we have learnt the problems and challenges our clients have to face. As an answer to them, we create our own software solutions and provide services that support Polish enterprises on their way to success. We believe that the combination of our technical knowledge and experience is the main key which leads to development and customer satisfaction!









How do we build robotic stations?

Building robotic stations requires an individual approach to each customer in order to meet all their expectations and at the same time provide the highest level of service. We are able to automate processes such as milling, grinding, deburring, machine tending, palletising, pick & place and welding.

The process of building robotic workstations is carried out by using the following solutions:

  • SOLIDWORKS – mechanical design
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical – electrical design
  • FANUC RoboGuide and Eureka Robot – simulation and offline programming
  • as well as programming and configuring PLCs, HMIs and drives of leading manufacturers – SIEMENS, ALLEN-BRADLEY, MITSUBISHI.

The whole process can be divided into several stages. SOLIDEXPERT is involved in each of them, from the beginning to the very end, and this way we can guarantee the highest quality of implementation! Below you can find our plan of action.

We define the client’s needs and expectations, on the basis of which we will be able to propose an optimal solution.

After the audit, we prepare a plan for the construction of a robotic station with the necessary cost estimate and deadline.

Based on the prepared robotic station design, we build it in our hall in order to start it up and check the correctness of the proposed solutions.

During the start-up of the robotic station, we control whether the processes are carried out correctly and the cycle time is optimal and in line with the assumptions.

We present a report on the commissioning of the robotic station, on the basis of which the client accepts its final form.

We assemble the robotic station at the customer’s premises in accordance with the approved project.

We conduct training for the operators of the constructed robotic station.

After commissioning the station at the client’s, we optimize the process, if necessary, so that the installed robotic station meets the highest requirements of the client.

After the robotized station construction service, we offer our clients after-sales service, which includes technical support and service.

Relief for robotisation efforts in 2023

A robotisation relief is planned to be introduced in 2023. The deduction from the tax base of 50% of eligible costs related to investments in robotisation is to apply to:

  • purchase or leasing of new robots and cobots,
  • purchase of computer software
  • purchase of accessories (e.g. tracks, turntables, controllers, motion sensors, end effectors)
  • purchase of occupational health and safety (OHS) equipment,
  • training for employees who will operate the new equipment.

We encourage you to follow the project and take advantage of the relief.

Eureka Robot – Offline robots programming

Eureka Robot allows simulation and offline programming of industrial robots. This technology combines the flexibility of robots with the capabilities of modern CNC machining centres.

We deliver and implement the Eureka Robot solution to our customers.

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