CAD / CAM training

Our company has been conducting CAD / CAM trainings for over 10 years, during which time we trained over 6,000 thousand clients, including designers, students or enthusiasts who wanted to acquire or deepen their knowledge of computer-aided manufacturing or design.

Quality and high standards

We are the official reseller of CAMWorks and SOLIDWORKS, which obliges us to constant certification, which confirms the competence of our company not only in the context of implementations or strictly technical knowledge, but also as a training facility.

Our instructors are engineers and practitioners who are dealing with CAM / CAD solutions on a daily basis, they also have specialized certificates preceded by examinations, which confirms their qualifications.

Each edition of the training ends with an evaluation, which is valuable information for us about what else we can improve so that our students get as much knowledge as possible from our training.


Our company runs CAD / CAM courses throughout Poland – we have training centers in Krakow, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Dąbrówki near Rzeszów and Poznań. Thanks to this you will find the location that is most convenient. In addition, we also organize training sessions at the client’s premises or away integration training in selected, interesting places in Poland.

All our trainings take place on efficient DELL workstations that ensure maximum performance during learning. In addition, each station is equipped with a modern manipulator that increases the comfort of navigating the program interface and facilitates work with the model.

The courses always take place on the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS or CAMWorks software, which allows participants to learn about the latest features of a given CAD / CAM solution.

Knowledge, the best investment

Our company conducts over 30 different types of CAD / CAM courses that deal with various aspects and specializations and are designed for people at any level of advancement.

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